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Streamline your Salesforce processes

Did you know Salesforce could be your ultimate sales partner? 🔎

Imagine Salesforce not just as a tool, but as an active participant in your sales process. From the initial contact with SDRs, accurate information about prospects, and capturing lead sources, to handling intro calls and moving the process forward with qualified leads, Salesforce is there, step by step.

But that's not all! Salesforce screens are customized for every user, keeping data secure and role needs in mind. Wondering how to leverage this?

Here are 5 tips to easily streamline your sales process in Salesforce:

  1. Divide your users into groups and map the Salesforce fields each group need access to.

  2. Group fields into meaningful groups and present them on the screen together.

  3. Use Salesforce Dynamic forms to easily assign each group with the relevant sections and fields.

  4. Define what information needs to be updated automatically as a result of changes in field values updated by the users.

  5. Use Salesforce Flows to get'm updated!

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